Friday, April 4, 2014

Drew Noyes Launches NewThailand Info Website

A new one stop legal service website in English has just been launched. 

View this informative site full of tips and advice on how to do it all in Thailand. Please copy and paste in your browser
to see this useful website. 

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One Stop Legal Service is a division of One Stop Service Centers Company Limited based in Pattaya Thailand. 

There are nine Thai  lawyers on the One Stop Legal Sedvice staff. Five bilingual paralegals assist foreigners in English with legal problems. 

Drew Noyes who is a former registered US real estate broker and was licensed by the SEC to operate a commodities brokerage firm as well as a stock and equities brokerage firm in America offers investment advice and real estate opportunities.

According to the Managing Director Drew Noyes from America the website will serve to provide information to foreigners in Thailand about how to get married, how to get divorced, how to legally buy real estate and businesses in Thailand.

The site will also offer an opportunity for people to get free advice by completing a brief questionnaire on the site. If you need legal advice or investment advice and Thailand this website is for you.


  1. Drew Noyse is a multi convicted career criminal....Be it the USA or Thailand this criminal is responsible for fraud, extortion, larceny, burglary and libel.
    There is controversy regarding fathering a chid to a 14 year old CHILD in Thailand. Unfortunately the family are protecting the paedophile.
    Add into the mix tax evasion to the IRS in the USA and we're talking about a low life nonce.
    I ask you....would you use this cockroach of a deviant for your legal affairs in Thailand?